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update 2017

Hey, I'm back! What have I been doing since those mussels back in 2011?

Back in 2014, a friend gave us his unused, cracked-screen iPhone 5 so we could accept Square credit card payments at a comic con. Eventually, it became my phone (changed carriers, swapped out sim cards), and I had the cracked screen replaced. But before that happened, I had started to carry it with me to listen to podcasts and music on my walks. I also started to use the camera. I take pix almost every day and recently decided to start posting them to Instagram. The homepage post here is now a widget that updates with my most recent Instagram uploads.

I started this blog on August 29, 2005. My husband and I had recently quit both our jobs in in Washington DC, and moved halfway across the country to Santa Fe, New Mexico. At the time, he was working at his new full-time job and I was at home during the day, doing intermittent freelance work. I needed a project, had a camera, and had seen "Daily Photo" posts at various other blogs.

I decided to totally steal that idea and start a blog where I took and posted one photo every day. I quickly discovered that it was easier to take a bunch on one day, and spread the posting out over several days. This way I could save a bunch of draft posts for future use, or catch up if I got behind. Still, the idea was one photo per day, and I managed to keep it up until February of 2007, when I started a full-time job of my own.

I tried to post regularly, but found it hard. There were a few massive, months-long catchup sessions in the spring and summer of '07. But by August 30, 2007, I kind of petered out. I was still taking photos, but not nearly as many as before, and nowhere near enough to fill in the five months I'd fallen behind.

So in February 2008, I decided that I would backfill those months with just the pix I had taken, posted on the dates they were taken.

And that's what I hope to continue doing: if I take a photo, I'll post it on that day, but I'm no longer aiming for a photo every day. I wish I had been able to make it to a nice, round, impressive number, but 732 consecutive posts will have to do.

99% of these photos were taken on either the Canon PowerShot S200 Digital Elph we got in 2002 (2 megapixels! ooh!), or the Canon PowerShot SD1000 Digital Elph we got in 2008 (7.1 megapixels!). The other 1% were taken on the office Canon digital Rebel at my new job.

100% of these photos were dinked around with in Photoshop.

The Instagram photos were taken with my hand-me-down iPhone 5.