wait, what?


Hey, I'm back! What's happened since those mussels from 2011? Well, you know, life.

Back in 2014, a friend gave us his unused, cracked-screen iPhone 5 so we could accept Square credit card payments at a comic con. Eventually, it became my phone (changed carriers, swapped out sim cards), and I had the cracked screen replaced. But before that happened, I was carrying it with me to listen to podcasts and music on my walks. I also used it to start taking photos again. I take pix almost every day now and recently decided to start posting them to Instagram.

I've got a backlog to post, though — the date taken is in the caption and tagged with #latergram. I'm also tagging with the labels used here (#animal, #vegetable, #mineral, #person, #place, #thing — although the results you get in Instagram are unpredictable), as well as other applicable #hashtags. The widget above updates with my most recent Instagram uploads.

See you around the internet!